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Group Leaders

YOUare a successful researcher and maybe managed to get a substantial research grant. Now it is time to become a successful leader but how do you do that? How do you get the right people on board? How do you inspire others to follow you and let them grow to their full potential? How do you become a trustworthy and renowned leader with whom others love to collaborate?

Learn how to fulfil your own potential and become an inspiring leader with the Personal Leadership Course for Academic Group Leaders


Course Content

SUCCESFUL leading of others starts with a solid base of personal leadership: How to manage yourself and use yourself as an instrument to lead others. This course is a leadership journey where you wonder along fundamental experiences to reach balance and confidence as a leader. At the end of the course you are able to bring mind and heart together to lead and inspire other people. Topics that we will treat are amongst others:

  • Who am I as a leader? - Your personality and its consequences for your leadership 

  • Personal pitfalls, challenges and strengths  

  • Interpersonal communication

  • Leading an academic team and group dynamics 

  • Creating a vision 

  • How do I lead PhD students and postdocs more effectively? 

  • How can I be an inspiring leader for others?  

  • Increasing your influence: Politics in the academic setting 

  • Dealing with conflicts 

  • Time management and how to stay passionate and vital in your job (given the workload)

TRAINING modules consist of action learning and reflective exercises where you experience your own leadership, combined with theoretical knowledge to put things into perspective. You will receive intervision and individual coaching to support you in your development proces.

Our Approach


LEADERSHIP requires more than learning skills and useful ‘tips and tricks’. Our long-term experience with providing leadership courses made clear that acquired practical skills will only flourish in practice, when participants have a profound self-knowledge and the ability to overcome non-effective habits. Therefore, in a safe and non-judgmental environment we will investigate your (in)effective behavioural patterns and how they affect your leadership. This can be confrontational, but – as we often hear from our participants – this makes the course  a lasting experience.

WE deliberately choose for 5 modules spread over 1 year in order to have time to work at a deeper level. Only then you can become an autonomous and wise leader with enough ‘personal weight’ who is able to combine cognitive qualities with strong emotional and social competencies. Therefore, the mind (knowledge), the heart (being in contact with your feelings) and hands (practical tools) go hand in hand during this course. 

Building Your Network


During the course you will build a tight network of scientists of different disciplines in the Netherlands who are working at your level and share similar issues. This network will provide you – even long after the course – a welcome support group to share and discuss your academic challenges. You have to do it yourself, but you are not alone!

Testimonials about the trainers


Extremely useful, this is a must for all people working 

in academia!” 

“It was great. Thank you! It was really helpful to get deeper, to get tools, to realize who you are, what you have done, to get confidence.” 

“Great! So professional and comforting at the same time.” 

 “They understand how the scientific world works, 

that is a great help!” 

 "Good feedback and confronting, 

 which made me learn a lot.” 

 “Both trainers are awesome. They have the ability to ‘see   through’ you and provide each individual with 

tailor-made answers to your questions” 


About the

Center for Academic Leadership

THE Center for Academic Leadership was founded by Dr. ir. Louise Mennen and Dr. ir. Roel Breuls as a joined effort to provide researchers the leadership skills they really need. Many standard leadership programs fail to match with the everyday experience of scientists or just provide general leadership skills. We offer an in-depth approach that matches the needs of scientists.

DUE to our large experience as scientists we understand scientists' challenges and the academic environment. This is reflected in our course programs and recognized by participants. We have previously worked for:



Dr. ir. ROEL BREULS received his PhD in Biomedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2003. After post-doc positions in California and Amsterdam he decided to make a career shift, guided by the overall feeling that in academia ‘the person behind the scientist’ gets too little attention. After completing several educational programs in personal and leadership development he now supports scientists, medical doctors, judges, and other highly educated professionals by providing training, individual coaching and team coaching.


For more information see: 

(in Dutch).


received her PhD in nutrition at the WUR in 1997. Thereafter, she worked for eight years as a senior scientist in Paris during which she wrote many scientific papers and successful research grants. She noticed that for pushing science forward, scientists need to improve their leadership skills. This is why she changed her career to train and coach scientists. She is now a highly experienced certified trainer and coach in the field of leadership and communication.

For more information see:

Practical Information


Duration:  5 modules of 2 days (9.00 AM - 5.00 PM)

Number of participants: Minimum 10 - Maximum 15

Location:  Villa Hartelust, Bloemendaal

Course Language:  English

Study load: 80 hours (contact hours), 8 hours (reading literature and preparation)

Certificate: You will receive a certificate after completion of the course

Dates: On request.

Investment: Please contact us for more information. Our services are exempt from VAT due to our CRKBO-onderwijsinstelling accreditation. 

When you are interested in this course we will arrange a personalized intake with you to discuss your needs. The intake also serves to get to know each other to see if there is a ‘match’. If the course is fully booked, we can put you on our waiting list and keep you informed on new dates.



For more information or arranging an intake please send us a message at and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

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